Finnish Inspired but Made in the USA

The Sleepy Baby Box

A safe sleeping solution proven by the Finnish to reduce SIDS

The baby box tradition was established by Finland in 1938. The Sleepy Baby Box serves as the primary sleeping space for babies up to 25lbs.  The Sleepy Baby Box is ideal for:

- Night time feeding 

- C-section mothers 

- Small living spaces 

- Trips to grandma's house

Designed to promote sensory integration and play

The Sleepy Baby Box was designed to stimulate the littlest mind. Every Sleepy Baby Box comes with a baby approved sheep design. Our research has found that babies love to touch and interact with the sheep.  

Light weight, portable with handles

The Sleepy Baby Box is easily portable and gives baby their own safe space at home, on vacation, at daycare, and at grandma's house. Our Sleepy Baby boxes have handles on the sides and vents in the bottom of the box that allows better airflow. The lid doubles as a changing table and the Sleepy Baby Box can be repurposed as a memory box or toy box. 

Our Mission

Sleepy Baby Box Foundation

At Sleepy Baby Box, we believe that every baby should have a safe place to sleep. Even though our baby boxes are very affordable, we realize that many mothers cannot afford our product. The Sleepy Baby Box Foundation is a 501(c) non-profit organization that donates FREE baby boxes and blankets to moms and babies in need.